Turn your Artificial Intelligence idea into a Product

Artificial intelligence is ubiquitous. It impacts many industries and services worldwide. Inspired by these new capabilities, a new wave of innovators sees the possibilities and opportunities in applying AI. Are you one of them?

If you are looking to learn how to turn your AI idea into a product or service, now is a great time to get started. Datasets are more accessible and the learning curb for AI tools and technologies is increasingly more attainable for new developers. Additionally, cloud computing makes large server capability available without hardware hassles so you can run free and open source machine learning applications at an economical cost scale.

With an abundance of AI options to build applications quickly, you can focus instead on building the right type of AI product. If you start off solidly understanding how your AI solution functions, you’ll be on the path to the successful adoption of your product or service. This goes beyond just succeeding at building something.

Start by defining how your AI idea functions

You have a sense of the AI product/service you want to build, and thought about it enough to get you excited about making it a reality. Now identify how it will function for the people using it. Since there are two main types of AI solutions, Automation and Augmentation, think through which category does your idea fit. Will it automate tasks? Or will it augment people’s abilities to do a task?

Accurately describing the functionality of your AI product kicks off several processes, including:

  • Defining your vision internally
  • Communicating that vision to your team, stakeholders and partners
  • Thinking how your product will be used by people

Making AI Products and Services for People

Continually thinking about your AI application through a human lens is a learned skill for many innovators. If you come from a business or development discipline, you may need to integrate this additional perspective into your approach. Even designers and user experience professionals find they need to fine-tune how to go through the human-centered design process when working with artificial intelligence solutions. Fortunately, there’s an easy way through that process that ensure a Human Win with AI and can be understood easily, as I’ll define later on.

It’s important to understand the impact of how you go through the conceptual stage and the implications on your final product.One thing is certain, you wish to build an AI product that works well and meets user needs. The thinking process of how people will use your product or services may be guided by the application of usability principles. There are many available resources, but the benefits of using heuristics are more obvious in the later phases of developing a product.

As more AI applications launch, the understanding of this particular type of product is maturing. Best practices are emerging around designing AI products and being shared or taught. There are more discussions and more resources out there, but the burden is on you to filter what is out there and figure out what applies to your AI product through trial and error.

Communicate your AI vision well to inspiret your team

Learn to design your AI for people

However, you need to go beyond the basics to develop your idea. AI products and services have particular challenges and possibilities, and not just in relation to the technology but including the type of users, the business constraints and how they are developed and designed.

We are excited to launch online training tailored specifically for you to focus on the conceptual and discovery phase of your AI-specific products and services. The first course, Automation Discovery Workshop, is based on our onsite workshops. This online self-paced course is designed to help you define your AI idea into something tangible that will solve real world problems and enable success for the users.

By focusing on the Human Win, this workshop’s formula will help you define how your AI Automation product will enhance your customer’s experience and real world expectations. It takes you beyond defining a simple road map for your product; you will have a way of communicating a vision to different stakeholders and partners. You’ll have a well-formed strategy and product definition so you can head straight into production and development with confidence.

The course helps surface the ethic considerations in your artificial intelligence project as well. All the exercises are focused on developing your AI product, so the nuances of AI products and services applicable to your AI application are surfaced and considered, including:

  • Design
  • Technical Density
  • Cloud/Data
  • Purpose

Even better, the course is flexible for a single learner or a team of innovators to complete in one day.

Start turning your AI products and services into real solutions for people. Find out more information about the course Automation Discovery Workshop and be on the look out for Augmentation Discovery Workshop soon!