With so much talk in our industry recently about designers being more of supporting actors and leading less, there is an inherent need to adapt and transform yourself into the best asset for your organization by starting from within to project qualities that will make you a trusted advisor anywhere. Tackling the following questions will give any designer a mindset to grow:

  • How can designers best support developers and product managers?
  • What is the best role that design can play in your company and how to implement that role?
  • Why be a good teammate and not a leader?
  • When can designers support the product vision to be shared across teammates and achieve true agility: adapt to user and market demands?
  • Who has to resist the tendency to fight for design?
  • What are the best pairing techniques to work with developers?

The key approach is doing more UX without UI, in other words promote thinking and methods to your teams that add value. This approach takes the tension away from designers and flips it around to assisting and getting buy-in for discovery activities in data, architecture, content and flow before any pixel is laid down and leaving those artifacts such as wireframes, mockups to visual designers.

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